Question 1. Are you a Consulting Firm

The D8ta Futures team has consulted for over 25 years and continues to offer consulting in addition to other services listed on our Services Offered page. We engage with organisations at all levels and offer consulting tailored to the business need. 

Question 2. Is D8ta Futures an IT Company

While our consultants have a solid background in technology, we don't consider ourselves purely Information Technology. A better term might be Business Solutions because first and foremost we speak the language of business. Whether it is finance, procurement, sales, supply chain, manufacturing, A&M, HR or Big Data crunching, we speak the language.

Question 3. How much do you charge

As in any consulting engagement, cost and value are very different terms. We can engage on either a T&M basis, a fixed time basis or a fixed price basis depending on the work and the client. Our rates are extremely competitive and our value is well above average in consulting.

Question 4. Where are you based

We are based in Berkshire with easy reach on a daily basis to the UK. Further abroad into Europe and North America are also available as we have consultants in those locations. For larger teams supporting the full transformation program (of 80-150 consultants) we can pull resources from various locations to support onshore, near shore and offshore models.