A few words about us

D8ta Futures is at its heart a consulting firm that assists businesses in short and long term projects involving, predominantly Data. Data comes in all shapes and sizes and we generally think of it is some broad categories:

  • Master Data - Such as Customer Lists, Vendors, Products, etc.
  • Reference Data - Such as the allowable prefixes for a name (Dr., Mr., Mrs., Prof., Honorable, etc.) instead of free text
  • Transactional Data - Using Master Data in business processes to conduct business (Sales, Supply Chain, Purchases, etc.)

The objective of most businesses now is to remove all duplicate data throughout the entire business. That is a tall order for global businesses that have an extensive supply an distribution network with multiple manufacturing site building products with alternative production versions. 

D8tat Futures exists to assist businesses that are either:

  • Thinking about addressing this problem via transformation
  • In the middle of a transformation and realise the Enterprise Data Model is not complete or not fit for purpose
  • Have completed a transformation and realise that the current data model does not support actual business processes defined as part of a new operating model.

Our functional consultants come from extensive industry experience in multiple sectors including Pharmaceuticals, FMGC, CPG, Retail, Government and Industrial Equipment just to name a few.

We specialise in the business functions that run these businesses such as Finance, Procurement, Commercial, Supply Chain, Materials Management (including Material Resource Planning, Production Planning and Contract Manufacturing), Human Resources including Self-Service portals, Integrations to various cloud based services such as payroll services, indirect procurement portals, contract packaging services, financial planning and forecasting services, 3rd party logistics providers, and much, much more.

We also provide specialist consulting in setting up, managing and governing data within businesses. We provide consulting and implementation skills for Master Data Management tools (many vendors of this technology), Data Catalogues, ETL tools and the ability to conform these tools to the way the business operates. Our consulting group has extensive experience in defining the roles, processes and organisation for Data Management organisations and the Data Governance team at the executive level. 

Our projects range from very short 6 week limited scope activities to correct one or more business scenarios to participating as the client representative for data in a full scale transformation program (design to go-live). Our clients depend on us to provide a methodology and management to deliver expected results that are on time and on budget.

Please take a moment to browse this site for the many resources that can assist you in everyday business.

 Data truly does mean Business at D8ta Futures,